Can Boost Help Heal Your Sunburn?

There’s something about the start of July that makes it feel like summer is finally here. We’re spending more time outside—from early morning runs to sandy beach days. And as good as that warm sun feels, it probably means it’s only a matter of time before we get that first sunburn. 

For some of us, no matter how much sunscreen we put on, it’s just inevitable. So, we put together a little sun 101 below (and how to soothe those sunburns).

What happens to your skin during a sunburn?

A sunburn is simply an inflammatory reaction to over exposure of ultraviolet rays. Melanin is a pigment in your skin that darkens the top layer to protect it against sun, but with too much sun exposure the melanin can’t survive and the cells die.

Cannabinoid receptors and your skin.

In order to repair your skin, your body transports nutrients to the area in order to help build new skin. In fact, cannabinoid receptors are found on parts of cells that are known for intercellular communication and inflammation pathways. It is thought that these parts of cells are crucial in rebuilding and repairing skin. 

Can we move that repair process along a little faster?

Meet Boost. Our CBD topical is water based with a light citrus scent. We formulated boost with nano CBD, shrinking the CBD particle size and giving your body the potential to absorb the product much faster. And faster absorption rate means a better chance for the CBD to reach those areas in need of repair.

Always wear sunscreen.  

The main takeaway—always protect yourself and your skin. But for the days when your skin loved the sun a little too much, help your skin repair itself that much faster.
Learn more about Boost here.

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