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What’s the ECS system? How does hemp work? What’s hemp? What are terpenes and what do they do? What’s with all the acronyms? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Recipe: Hot Chocolate Cookies

Try a new twist on taking your beam dream at night with these hot chocolate cookies created by Peyton of choosing_balance! Dream is a chocolate-y, sleep-inducing and calorie free powder that makes for the perfect night time treat. Dream contains sleep promoting compounds such as hemp powder, reishi, l-theanine, magnesium and melatonin, in order to help you get the quality sleep needed. Try out this amazing recipe and tag @beam on social! 
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Recipe: Dream Brownie Mug Cake

Dessert that helps you sleep… what more could one want at the end of a long day. With beam’s tasty, sleep-promoting dream powder which contains ingredients - melatonin, magnesium, l-theanine, reishi, and hemp powder - you can satisfy that sweet tooth while still enjoying a good night’s rest. Check out this easy-to-follow dream brownie mug cake recipe from partner, Mary of upbeetandkaleingit. 

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Recipe: Chocolate Chip Banana Ice Cream

Beam dream powder is our best selling product for a reason. Not only does it taste like hot chocolate but it is filled with sleep-promoting compounds like magnesium and l-theanine to help you get better zzz’s. Check out this healthy dream ice cream recipe from partner, Peyton of choosing_balance. 
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Day in the Life: Nicole Cogan

We snagged a few minutes with one of our favorite wellness bloggers, and OG Beam partner, Nicole Cogan to get an inside look at what a day in the life of @nobread looks like. Nicole started her blog and Instagram after suffering for years from a gluten allergy and later Celiacs disease. In exploring this new gluten-free life, Nicole creates city guides for the best gluten-free options, recipes turning her favorite treats GF, and so much more!
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1.5 Million Nights of Better Sleep

70% of American's don't get enough quality sleep. It was a problem Beam set out to solve, and one year after launching Dream, we've hit a milestone, 1.5 million nights of better sleep. Learn more about our sleep goals for 2021 and how you can get involved.
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Beam Gives Back

Beam was built to help people pursue what better feels like. From day one, we’ve dedicated that energy to not only our customers but the community at large. We’re proud to be able to support organizations both local and nationwide. These organizations represent the fundamental values that sparked Beam and we’re excited to work with more partners along the way. 
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The 3 Best Ways To Kick Off Any Morning Routine

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re high maintenance for having a morning routine. According to science, a morning routine just might be the answer to daily mindfulness and overall improved wellbeing. Why? Because kicking off your morning in an organized manner influences your energy and productivity for the rest of the day. Here are our 3 best suggestions for your new morning routine!
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What You Need To Look For in Your Hydration Supplement

Hydration—it turns out—is for everyone, no matter what your lifestyle is. In fact, making sure your body is hydrated goes way beyond water. Supplementation can be an efficient and effective way to sustain and maintain hydration while giving your body the key nutrients it needs to function.

However, like all things, not all hydration supplements are created equal. Here’s what to look for if you’re hydration-curious:

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The Importance of Gut Health

Without a doubt, the gut-brain connection is both real and significant, affecting  much more than how we digest our food. Over the past few years, more and more research has come out highlighting the gut’s widespread effects on our mood, hormones, immune systems, and overall well being. Basically think of your gut like the control center for all of the operating systems in your body. Amazing, right?
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Here’s What Happens When You’re Dehydrated

While you might think you’re on top of your hydration game, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated — many of whom don’t even know they’re not getting enough nourishing hydration to live optimally and balance their everyday wellbeing. Here are some tell-tale signs that you might be a part of the dehydration club, and an easy way to get back to hydration’s center in no time.

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Everything You Need To Know About BCAAs

BCAAs have become synonymous in the fitness community with muscle gains and intense weight training. However, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are not as unapproachable as they seem (nor do you have to be a fitness expert to enjoy the benefits). In fact, BCAAs are actually essential for proper muscle recovery, which — in turn — can lead to improved physical performance and overall brain function. 
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Elevate Balance 101: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Elevate balance is the ultimate rehydration solution for optimal wellbeing.  Formulated with clean electrolytes from coconut water and Himalayan salt, prebiotic + probiotic power, and other nourishing vitamins and minerals, balance supports healthy digestion and overall ease throughout the day.


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